Our Story

How it started 

Walking around the streets of New York, one would get instantly inspired by the city that never sleeps. Oddly enough, we could not find the “perfect” modes of expression that best fit our unique methods of communication. With a pen and a sketchbook, ideas started overflowing on our pages, and the concept of our memory archive was born.


Our Goal

In our fast-paced world today, social media and technology have altered our modes of expression, and Pens and papers are getting lost in translation. Our ultimate goal is to create unearthly bonds with each other by promoting and celebrating the gifting of hand-written cards. Of course, we care for our earth, this is why all materials used by Cards Cult are environmentally friendly; we use 100% recycled paper for our cards. 

From our hands, to yours, and to your loved ones, we hope to be your main source of hand-written communication <3


Dana & Salama